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Saturday, December 11, 2010


   What does it mean to say that demand is the source of jobs.
Here's a hint: a guy see that his driveway is in rough shape and getting worse, he has money in his pocket to hire some one to fix it, he makes the deal, is drive is in much better condition, he pays the man he hired.

How do we get demand in action? Here's a hint: we get money into the hands of the mother who wants vegetables for her family.

If a young man wants a car, get him enough work o earn enough money to buy it, and he will. Then another young man will make the car and buy things for his family.

We don't create a helpful economy by putting people with needs to work not by putting it into rich people's saving accounts.

If 'the market' is letting or causing people to suffer lets pay some people with wants to update our water treatment plants, our bridges, our schools, our health facilities. Paying them to kill foreigners may be a way of getting money into their hands, but it is not a way of bettering our infrastructure.

Am I making any sense?

Let's put them to work.
Let's get to work.
Let's work for ourselves.

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