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Monday, December 27, 2010

Public Schools

Can you help me answer any of these questions I have about public schools? Maybe you can help me to for better questions about public schools.

Where does a school board come from?
What is a school board?
Why haven't school boards insured that their schools have good civics program?
What is a good civics program?
Where does a school district come from?
Can a school district be sued for not having a good civics program?
Which organizations support public public schools?
Why have parents sent their children to unsafe schools?
Why did our forefathers want public schools to be under local control rather State or County control?
What citizenship skills were taught in public schools?
What are the alternatives to public schools?
What did public school educators mean by 'common core' education?
What did our forefathers think the advantages of public schools are?
What are the rationals for having a pubic school?
What are pubic schools?

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