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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life on the Mississippi

For over 3000 years they lived in greater peace than have most men. About 400 BC their peace was disturbed a bit. Around 400 AD it was disturbed a bit more. Then about 1000 AD they were disturbed by hearing of new.strangers in the land. Then around AD 1500 more began to arrive that shook a a culture already shaken.
Than around 1600 those that came bringing disease that killed the people. Then round 1700 AD more strangers came and so many people of the land died that there culture so dimmed that there were those who could not see it.

Around 1800 we began to swarm over the land, despising the people, and killing those who would not die. We did not all fit this pattern, but many too many did.

Still they are among us, many of them are us as we re becoming them. The land carries their names. We carry bits of their wisdom.

Tell me about them. Tell me their names. Tell me their stories. Help me to honor them as I would honor myself. Help me to understand this land and these nations so as to honor our humanity.

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