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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Find Out About Korea

One way I was told to find Out about Korea and Koreans was to get a Korean girlfriend. That way you may quickly find out about Korean mothers, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, aunts, dogs, language,customs, culture, religion, etc.

Getting to know something about basic Confucianism may be a calm and useful start for leaning about Korea.

Visiting South Korean cities like Seoul, Gyeongju, or Busan may be eyeopening. Also, in those cities it is not hard to to find helpful English speakers. In getting to know the beautiful Korean countryside, small towns and out of the way cities you may find tour operaters and guides helpful. Consider checking out a mountain and an island while there.

Checking out the two Koreas in Wikipedi is informative even for Koreans.

Travel books (I like to check out the cheaper used ones first) by outfits like Frommer, Moon, and Lonely Planet are often interesting and informative. You can find much at your local library and bookstores. is a great for books and videos. Take a look at The Two Koreas by Don Oberdorfer.

Maybe it is time for you to check out Korean restaurants in your area. Maybe there is a Korean shopping area not too far from you. Remember that there is no rule against striking-up a conversation with  Korean at these places. If a lady takes your eye, remember to find out a bit about her family relationships sooner rather than later.

As long as you are shopping check out the Hyundai and Kia dealerships. There are other Korean car companies you may find interesting; among them GM Daewou.

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