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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Siblings of Joseph Carroll Sheehan

Who can tell me more about the siblings of my grandfather, Joseph Carroll Sheehan? Joseph, my paternal grandfather, was born August 26th 1884 in Des Moines co, IA. He was the son of Mago William Sheehan and Mary J. Carroll. He married Josephine Helwic on January 16th of 1907 in Cook Co, IL.

He was the eldest son of his parents as was my father of his and I was of mine.

The eight siblings Id like to know more about, Joseph's brother and sisters are:
~ James W. Sheehan, born 12861, died 1920, married Letticia Stafford.
~ Margaret C. Sheehan, born 1863, died 1931, Married James Cornelius Sheahan.
~ John B. Sheehan, 1866, died 1929, married Marie Timmins.
~ Thomas F. Sheehan, born 1868.
~ Martin Sheehan, born1870, died between 1880 and 1885.
~ Catherine/Kate Sheehan, born 1872, married E. W. Osborn.
~ Edward Michael Sheehan, born 1876, died 1929, married Zoa Pashel & Mary Goetz.
~ Robert Emmet Sheehan, born 1880, died 1957, married Adelaide Cora Smith.


  1. Hey, do you have more in about Joseph and Josephine marriage ?
    It was in Cook County?


  2. I suspect that it was in Chicago, but am not sure.

    Can you provide any info on the siblings? Their Children or grand children could have info we don't.