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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Object of Dialogue

The object of the the kind of dialogue which interests me is to listen to every one's opinions. The object is not to judge, analyze, or even to exchange opinions. The object is to listen and begin to see what it all means. The object is to come to share a common content.The object is not to agree, but rather to simply share an appreciation of the meanings.

The aim is to look at everything together and to acknowledge a participatory consciousness; each partaking  of the whole meaning. Everyone aims to understand all the assumptions in the group.

The aim is to leave as little out as possible., to share common meaning, and create common meaning. In a way, a common mind arises which does not exclude the individual. The meanings of each person are seen.

Each is free. Individual mind and collective mind are both honored. Individual mind is firs as it attempts a harmony with the whole. AS move into as new creativity is begun.

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