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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Better My Own

As a way to check brain damage, to limit masturbation, and to reduce the likelyhood of drowning in my own drool, I am attempting a couple of classes at Copper Mountain College, the local two year college.

One class is an introduction to the 'new sociology.' I find myself rejecting the method of analysis these particular sociologists suggest. Maybe it just seems: like too much work, too difficult, or too likely to lead to unnecessarily antagonistic politics. A paper of 25 pages or more, not counting bibliography, is a major part of grade. Doing the paper includes selecting a "cultural object." The only object I've thought of so far is the 'sanitary facility' in my bathroom. The grade may be a measure of brain damage.

The other is an anthropology class in archeology. It may be pleasant. A 10 to 20 page paper will be an important part of the brain damage check. I think I will be able to enjoy doing the paper on the Hopewell Tradition of mid-America.


I compared well with my fellow students. I'm a bit slower than I was, but was still able to get to top grades in both classes. I managed to learn a fair amount and to revive some previous learning. Also met three bright young students that were interesting. I have not continued this summer.

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