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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My email contacts have been stolen and are lost to me.
Many of my ID items may be in the hands of unfriendly persons.
I am not using my rocketmail account.
Try contacting me here or at my other account.

Thank you for the alert, Gerry!

Everyone take measures to protect yourself.


  1. Sorry to hear the news. It is Friday and first time I checked email. What can I do to help?

    This may be a wakeup call for us to get LifeLock or similar ID protection. I am going to research this company.


  2. Let me know what I can do to help. I, too, received strange emails saying you were in London.
    It's M

  3. Thank you all.
    I´m in Cuenca.
    I need all the support I can get, but need no particualr help.
    I, for one, will be vey interested in ´whatever Bridget may have to say about LifeLock.

  4. I'm back from Cuenca, Ecuador. Cuenca is a great city in a fine counrty.

    I have my identity and my email is working.