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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mostly Me

Seems that when I am Ill my thoughts are of Me.
Rex did some investigation by contacting Yahoo about strange messasges emanating from my email accounts.
It seems a Russian outfit is running the scam and that it hasn`t gon beyond what we have experienced. The bad part for me has been that they left me with no email address book.

Lack of time and energy have kept me keeping up with Brookings Institute or Berkely On Line news. I don`t look at Internatiional Liviing or Heritage newsletters.

I`m in the little hotel Villa Nova on the Tomebamba river. It`s a great location, but I have no window. The river has very nice walks on either side. Allong one of those paths I can walk to medical and health facilities one might find in a lagre part of downtown Houston.

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