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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the Process of mostly Ignoring a Diagnosis.

Well, I left the hospital at least on day before expected.
I feel to weak to give detailed explantions and am probably too ignorant to do so. Still I feel compeled to get some of this off my chest.

I went to doctors and to the hospital looking for a diagnosis for my lack of energy.
Today I was told to treat for thrombosis and uremia, and for some gripping chest infection I have.

Well, I planned to treat the chest infection and will do so. However the doctors know that my energia preceeds my chest infection.

The uremia, after many of hundreds spent on high-faluten tests, was based on one day of my breathe smelling of urine. I wonder if four days of constipation and a meral of shushimi, whatever Japanese call raw fish.

The thrombosis diagnosis din not procede from the large stack of lab results I have. Damn! Damn, I remember now that I did not get back the fotos, printouts, and cds explaining my very complete heart scan I had. Many facts do point to a heart problem. I also rermember that I jus lost $18 container of orange flavored psyllium fibre which I bought for my constipation. Double damn!! I mentioned a long past thrombotic experience of mine  to a doc and he metioned it to a cardiologist who saw some suggestion of present tendency to thrombosis when he looked at my leg.

Not many facts from the more than a dozen tests I took.

Now I do believe that two seperate tests completed not may days apart showed a big change in ....... in already large ..... creatin level.

Succesive drops in my need for blood pressure med, ought to it sees to to suggest something

I'm sure the doctors are on to something and I will keep thrombosis and uremia I mind, BUT I don`t want to spend months and thousands on something that is not directly associated with my lack of energy.
also my recent drops in pulse rates and bp pressure seem to have more to do with drop in energy then does a dot on leg or a smelly beath.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. But raw fish! Take it easy.

  2. Right! Stll guessing who you are.
    Feeling a bit better, whch means i`m feeling like hell. Left room without taking pain med so should feel normal soon.