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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brain Dead

My wrist sugery is beging to heal well.

I think that the doc I ran away from was trying to give me two kinds of medication to desolve blood clots before they get to my brain. Wish he had talked to me about it. I am prettytrip. surer. that I have had another incident since then. That makes three or more on this

If I`m going to become a mindless body it seems best to do so in JT. So I`ll be starting home on the 28th.


  1. Are you still planing to return ~ the 28th


  2. Hi G,
    I´ll start the 28th. May take awhile. I have no tickets and it is a busy time of year for the airlines.


  3. Was copied in an email from your email account. It sounded like you.
    Keep in touch when you may arrive. I can pick you up at LAX and drive you home. Must be at work Thursday and Friday Aug 5-6.

  4. Thank you BB. I appreciate your offer and thoughtfulness very much. I got back to Joshua Tree in good form. By going to Copa's main office in Guayaquil I was able to get a flight to LAX on short notice and which was fairly direct.
    I was held up by immigration at LAX for well over an hour. They let me pass grudgingly and were not gracious. They did say that my first and last name matched matched a name on their watch list and that my age seemed to match as well.
    I was okay driving myself home.
    Here I seem to have significantly less energy.
    In speaking, I find difficulty with short term and some medium term recall.