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Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup

The US first World Cup participation was in 1930. My first World Cup viewing was in 1962.,

The 1930 Cup was played in Uruguay. Not many European teams showed up. Yugoslavia, France, and Romania were there. Germany, England, and Italy were not. The top US player at that time may have been a Scott.

Uruguay took the Cup. Runner up was Argentina. Third place went to the US and 4th to Yugoslavia.

In 1962 I watched on TV. Don't think that I realized that it took place in Chile. My memory tends to fail me when it comes to Chile. Do remember that I first head of the CIA there.

I remember that the Soviet Union and Colombia played to a tie and that Brazil won the Cup. Pele  was at the top of his form.

What struck me most after the high level of play was the great differences in style of play from country to country. Brazil seemed to play to they rhythm of a samba, Germany did not.

It's interesting to see the strong participation of Asia, African, and Middle Eastern teams this year.

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