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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Simplifying Life

Maybe on my recently added experimental description/mission statement page, I should have added "simplify life." Then again 'simplify' is more my personal mission and 'associate' is more the mission of the blog.

Recently and important part of trying to simplify my life has been the process of  ridding things from my life. While engaged in that process I came upon a small stack of 'newsletters' from the School of the Natural Order, SNO. The school at the works of it's founder, Vitvan, may be found on the www. The purpose of the School is not
to SNO you, but is rather to feel an inner freshness as of new fallen snow.

Anyway, in one of those newsletters, I found a translation of a poem by some dead taoistic writer. The poem was provided by Val Taylor, who could prove to be your first human contact, if you choose to find out more about the School.

I'll probably say something more about the nature of the poem in a future post.

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